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5 Tasty Recipes Using Tortillas

2 Jun 2022
by Chef's Play

The tortilla is of Mesoamerican origin and is a staple of modern Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. Made with flour, water and salt, the soft round flatbread is light, tasty and versatile. Some of Mexico’s most popular edible exports are made with the tortilla, as we will discover.

Using a range of ingredients, you can create various styles of wraps, bakes, open sandwiches or even pizzas with the tortilla. There are also different varieties and flavours of tortilla to choose from with the traditional coming in corn and flour-based or for the exotic look, even tomato, spinach or beetroot!

To celebrate this versatile flatbread, we thought we would share some of our favourite recipes, which all start with a tortilla.

The Burrito

Probably the most popular dish made using the tortilla, the burrito is filled with an array of rice, beans, cheese, vegetables, meats and sauces. Most commonly, a combination of rice, ground beef, cheese, guacamole, kidney beans, herbs and spices, are wrapped in a warm tortilla.

You can find a recipe for quick and simple burritos by clicking here.

Tortilla Hack

After trending on social network site TikTok, the tortilla hack has become quite the hit. By cutting a line in the tortilla, from the edge to the centre, you can create four pockets which can be filled with any number of ingredients. Laying the flatbread down, you place your desired ingredients into each quarter of the wrap, then fold into pockets.

Click here for an easy to follow set of instructions.  

Soft Shell Tacos

A warning, these can be messy. The soft-shell taco uses a smaller tortilla, and works kind of like an open burrito. Gifted the same versatility with ingredients, you can fill your tacos with whatever takes your fancy.

Here’s a detailed guide to soft shell tacos.

The Wrap

Much like a sandwich, and a little like a burrito, the wrap is a popular creation using tortillas. Filling the top middle of the flatbread with your choice of filling, fold the bottom up to half it, then one side over, and roll from the other. This open top, cold burrito style snack is perfect for lunch time.

Click this link to see some tortilla wrap ideas.


These oven baked delights can be made to feed as many people as can eat out of your biggest oven dish. Filling tortillas with ground beef, chicken or other meats combined with a tomato-based sauce, and rolling, place line up as many as are required in your oven dish. Smother them with a savoury sauce and cover with cheese, then bake before serving with some soured cream.

Check this Tex-Mex chicken enchilada recipe out!

At Chef’s Play we have a whole section dedicated to Mexican cuisine, where you’ll find tortillas, sauces, peppers, presses and more. Click here to see the range!

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