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Charcoal Ovens – What are they?

27 Jun 2021
by Chef's Play

Cooking on open fires, burning embers or over charcoal have been methods used since the dawn of civilization. These days, more of a tradition or occasion than a necessity, the smoky flavours produced by a barbeque are really hard to beat.

A charcoal oven is where the traditional outdoor barbeque meets the indoor conventional oven. If you crave a chargrilled finish to your food year-round, you might find yourself hindered by the weather. If this is the case, the charcoal oven holds the answer to your issue.

These types of oven control the shouldering briquettes and prevents them bursting into flames. The result is a BBQ aroma and finish to your food without the scorch of flames, worry of wind or chance of being rained off. The charcoal oven offers the perfect finish every time.

Flavours and Flows

Not only does a charcoal oven bring the benefits of a BBQ indoors, it enhances the charcoal cooking experience. Rather than just heating your food, a charcoal oven adds flavour. Due to the oven compartment being sealed and with control of the airflow, they’re much more efficient than an outdoor grill. This means you burn less fuel and keep better control of the temperature.

The flavours don’t stop there. With these types of oven, there are a range of briquettes you can use for a range of flavours. There are many options to explore such as pecan, coconut shell and hardwood lump charcoal. These variations can add further flavours to your feast that are unachievable in a regular oven.

As well as meat, you can cook, smoke or finish seafood and vegetables in your charcoal oven. Using the various charcoals and woods, you can find the perfect complement to any cooked food. Midway between a smoker and a conventional oven, it offers the best of both worlds. The versatility of these ovens will allow you to expand your menu beyond the realms of any traditional kitchen’s capability.

MIBRASSA Charcoal Oven

The MIBRASSA charcoal oven series are developed in Spain. Offering an uncompromised charcoal cooking experience, the ovens open options for defining and combining flavours like never before. To check our range of MIBRASSA charcoal ovens, you can click here.

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