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Pacojet and the people behind It

At Pacojet they are committed to constant innovation. As market leader since their global Pacojet launch in 1992, they have maintained a close dialogue with their customers to provide top quality products and excellence in customer service.

For over 25 years, Pacojet AG in Zug, Switzerland has been working with dedicated development and manufacturing experts, who have been engineering and producing the Pacojet in Switzerland from the very beginning. In 2013, they reached a milestone with the development and launch of the next generation Pacojet 2. The powerful new features in this advanced model were conceived based on feedback from chefs using the Pacojet in all types of businesses, from gourmet restaurants to care institutions.

The Pacojet development engineers put their vast experience, skill and knowledge to the test to produce the Pacojet 2 – an intuitive device that offers additional functions, increased user friendliness and even more durability – to even better meet the express needs of their clients in all types of cooking environments. All Pacojets are manufactured in Switzerland with the highest quality standards. They guarantee it!

Their team at Pacojet headquarters has a wide variety of skill sets, which they use to effectively drive excellence in their products and services for their customers. It is their mission to innovate and expand the benefits Pacojet offers in professional kitchens and make them accessible to new and experienced Pacojet users worldwide. Life at Pacojet is never boring, because the room for creativity knows no bounds!

They work through an extensive global network of Pacojet distributors to offer competent customer support near you and technical service worldwide. In addition, they have a dedicated expert team at Pacojet AG Switzerland and their German subsidiary, Pacojet Service GmbH, to support all customer needs in Switzerland and Germany directly.

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